5 things dogs do when you’re out

Resting dog
22nd October 2018

There is no denying that we all have secret habits and behaviours that occur in the comfort of our own homes, but it’s often a mystery what our beloved furry friends get up to when they are home alone. If you’ve ever watched the hilarious film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, you’re probably imaging all kinds of crazy antics from house party’s to dog gangster crime. Truth is, whilst they may not be the next ‘Snoop Dog’, your dogs do partake in some pretty-strange behaviours when there’s no one around…

1. Have a workout

We’re not talking 30 minutes on the treadmill and 3 sets of press-ups. No, we’re talking about ‘The Zoomies’. When dogs don’t get enough exercise, they are prone to sudden outbursts of energy and begin charging around the house at high speed, which can be highly amusing if you’re lucky enough to catch them in the act.

2. Experiment with flexibility

Our little mischievous pooches are natural explorers, always ready to sniff out the next adventure. Left to their own devices, there is nothing to stop them squeezing into the craziest of places. Don’t be surprised if you return home to find your little buster curled up in the washing basket. Whilst usually harmless, there are occasions when he might find himself in a sticky situation and unable to get out. Tracking their activity can ensure you are alerted by any sudden change.

3. Practice their singing

Singing, barking, howling what’s the difference! The answer is not much to your dog. Whilst the sound of their own bark is rather comforting for your dog, your neighbours generally won’t share the same view. You’ll be able to tell if your dog is in the middle of a singing session by the increase in their heart rate.

4. Do the dishes

Don’t worry if you left the house in a rush without clearing up after breakfast, chances are your dog will take care of it. Dogs noses are extremely sensitive to tasty smells, meaning if there is even the tiniest of crumbs left on a plate… he will gladly clear them up for you.

5. The most obvious… Destroy the House!

Okay, so we know it might seem as though we are stating the obvious here – especially if you have ever been the proud owner of a teething puppy, but no matter the age or the personality of your dog if boredom sets in they’re more than likely going to partake in some ‘rearranging’ and ‘restyling’ of the house. Don’t be surprised if you return home from work to find your favourite socks buried in the mud or your best cushion in the bath.

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