7 ways to ensure you don’t lose your dog

Dog in the road
11th December 2018

Losing a dog is a traumatic and distressing situation you’d surely do anything to avoid. Despite the incredible connection we have with our pooches, and the incredible bond between a dog and their owner, our inability to communicate in a shared language leaves us vulnerable. 

Here we explore seven ways things you can do to lower the chances of losing your dog, because true friends are best by each other’s side. 

Dog giving paw

1 Enrol pooch in training classes: 

It may seem obvious, but there are certain commands we must teach our dogs. Training our pooches to “Come” and “Stay” not only reduces the chance of them getting lost, but could also save their lives. 

You’ve surely been there, we all have – out walking together or taking a drive, when something sends your furry friend off running, adamant to explore, or keen to elude and disobey you, as the feeling of dread fills your body. Teaching recall helps your dog to ignore everything except your voice calling to them. 

It can be a long and frustrating process, but one where persistence is key, so next time pooch is hellbent on hurtling themselves towards a situation that could be potentially dangerous, your trusted voice will be there to protect them.

dog on a lead

2 Both learn to love the lead:

In the UK, some local councils set designated zones where a lead is required, but all in all, we are responsible for keeping our dogs under control and controlling their behaviour in public. With the rules so vague, it’s sensible to assume that unless your dog is certain to respond to or obey your commands, a lead should be used whenever you and your dog leave your property. 

Pooches not on a lead, if alerted by a particularly tasty looking bird or squirrel, car horns, interesting smells, or a range of other distractions, may run into busy roads, chase the tasty creature, become lost, or become too excited to obey commands.

To ensure you remain in control of your furry friend, (and to reinforce that it is you who is walking them), whilst giving them enough freedom to explore the outside world, we recommend a longer retractable lead. 30 ft retractable ones for example, allow you to decide how much freedom (or length of lead) to allow your pooch, dependent on the areas you’re visiting.

When visiting open spaces together, use your discretion and let your pooch explore freely, or with the full extent of freedom the lead will allow, while by roadsides you can adjust it to be shorter, keeping pooch safe. 

Dog behind fence

3 Supervise & Secure – Making your property pooch proof: 

Our dogs are taken everywhere with us, to the houses of friends and family members, dog friendly eating houses and waterholes, to the park for walks, or even on long journeys using transport. No matter how familiar these places are to us, they can be potentially unchartered territory for our dogs, and so they must be supervised at all times. 

When out and about with our pooches, it is unadvisable to tie them up outside stores. In any space out of your home, a watchful eye is advised, to ensure your furry friend doesn’t escape their collar and get lost. Surely today’s newspaper or whatever the item inside calling to your wallet from inside the store, can wait.

Many lost dogs are found to have escaped the garden, car and home of their owners, so it’s important that as well as a supervising eye, we secure our homes and the locations we bring our pooches into.

Securing the garden isn’t a difficult task, simply ensure the fence can’t be jumped by pooch, check for loose panelling that they could slip through and perhaps line the bottom of the fence with stones to prevent them digging under. To ensure pooch’s plans to escape from within the home are all in vein, be sure to secure your doors and windows. 


4 Trakz – Dog tracking collar:

Trakz is the world’s most advanced dog tracking collar, combining GPS tracking and activity monitoring, all in one small, light but incredibly powerful package. Trakz aims to make lost dogs a thing of the past, and our collar and app shares with pet owners statistics linked to the health of their furry friends. 

You can set a safe zone for your pooch, and receive instant notifications should they leave the set perimeter boundary. Our incredible collar can also monitor your dog’s activity, while our app shows you the routes walked, the time and distance travelled by your pooch and the time they’ve spent active and resting.

Our app also allows pet owners to assign a total of 8 available profiles to a mix of their cats and dogs. Perfect for those who share walking duties with dog walkers, owners can give other custodians of pooch access to the incredible feature-set our app boasts, one such incredible feature being the ability to set up a community of pet finders should your dog be lost.

The amazing, world-wide tracking capabilities of Trakz also help to combat against pet theft, and to put your mind at ease, our location technology is secure and will not fall into the wrong hands. That’s quite a lost-pet-deterrent! 


5 Make sure pooch is microchipped: 

With the incredible breadth of technology available today, it’s never been so affordable to have your dog fitted with a microchip. Bionic pooch? Don’t worry! A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice that is inserted beneath your dog’s skin, it’s so small that your furry friend won’t know they have it.

Vets, dog shelters and even some dog owners have their own microchip scanners, and these chips help reunite owners with their lost pooches more than almost any other lost-pet-deterrent.

The microchip has a number associated to it which is linked to the owner’s details, when scanned these details are recalled, helping dog owners legally claim their lost dogs. Oh, and just like our pooches themselves, a microchip is for life. 

dog with tag in black and white

6 Keep pooch safe, looking fly and able to be identified:

Collars are a crucial, but often overlooked way, to ensure your dog remains safely by your side. Used to attach your pooch to their leash, collars can become worn and compromised quickly, and should be checked over regularly to ensure their quality.

To avoid your dog slipping out of their collar, to run free and elude capture by you (their loving owner), it’s important that you fit them securely. Remember to keep your furry friend comfortable and in no way choked by their collar.

If you liked the sound of the above mentioned Trakz pet tracking collar, it securely attaches to your dog’s existing collar for ease of use, and to enable pooch to wear their favourite collar. Fashionista pooches rejoice!

For further peace of mind, dog owners can write their contact details inside the collar, and make a very small but worthwhile investment in personalised ID tags. Having pooch’s name, and the owner’s address and phone number engraved onto the ID tags is proven to reduce the time before lost pooch and their owner are reunited. 

two dogs lying around

7 Spraying and neutering – Puppy Love:

Spaying and neutering can be something we dog owners want to avoid, but often can’t. If left unspayed/unneutered, male dogs particularly, are notorious for running away to answer the… call of love.

They’re known to find unbelievable ways to escape, in order to follow their desire to secure an attractive lady pooch. Female dogs in heat are also uncharacteristically unsettled, and can be found roaming suburban areas searching for a male.

Spaying or neutering your furry friend takes away their sexual desire, keeping them safely at home and undistracted by their powerful instincts, whilst also decreasing their risk of developing cancer.

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