Bring your dog to work day

Dog at work
20th June 2017

As you may be aware, this Friday is Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Now you may have dreamt about your nasty boss being pinned up against the wall by your growling, salivating blood-hound, but this is not really the chance to make that a reality.

The day is a chance to raise awareness of the work of two charities dedicated to the welfare of dogs around the world. All Dogs Matter is a charity that rescues and re-homes more than 300 dogs a year in London, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Animals Asia promotes compassion and respect for all animals, working to improve their welfare and bring about long-term change in China and Vietnam.

By donating £5 or more to these fantastic charities, you and your trusty, furry friend can be in with the chance of enjoying one of a selection of great prizes donated by the array of brands sponsoring the event. Even better, there will also be a prize for the best dog selfie that posts the best dog with a job using the hashtag #BringYourDogToWorkDay!

Trakz is helping to support awareness of the work of the charities that are helped by funds raised on the day, and also to support the great feelings that being close to your dog can bring, even whilst at work.

Before you jump in, Paws first, there’s just a few things you should check out and ask yourself beforehand(with thanks to the OCRegister for their input – (2))

Is it OK? Be sure your employer supports bringing your dog to work. Some workplaces don’t allow dogs because of employee health issues, health codes or a landlord’s refusal to allow dogs in the building. We all love our dogs and want to be with them all the time, but don’t break any rules to show off Fido.

Is it OK with your dog? Not all dogs enjoy going to work as much as we enjoy having them there with us. Some dogs are way out of their comfort zone in new areas. Others might be comfortable at a dog park but not know how to act in a strange building with strange people. If your office is a noisy place, consider what your dog might think of that.

Does your dog like people? Only social butterflies need apply for Take Your Dog to Work Day. Your dog should enjoy interactions with strangers and people of all kinds. Otherwise, you’re likely to cause him stress that makes his accompanying you not worth it.

Do you have a way to give your dog a break? Not all dogs need a breather if they’re at the office, but some might. If you have an office and can close your door to give your dog a chance to relax when he’s had enough visiting, that’s great. Or, if your dog’s crate-trained, bring his crate so he can get away from the crowds. If you don’t know your dog well enough to know whether this is important, it’s probably best that he stay home.

Don’t forget the water: Your pup is going to need some drinking supplies, so be sure to bring a bowl and water. Drinking water, of course, leads to a need to know …

Is your pup house-trained? If she doesn’t know how to hold her stuff or tell you when it’s time for a break, leave her at home. Most workplaces frown on doggy business being done on their carpets.

Are you ready for it? Last, be sure you have the time to keep an eye on your dog during the day and to monitor how she’s doing.

We thought we’d add a few hints and tips from the Trakz team.

Set up a Temporary Safe-Zone– Setting up a new temporary Safe Zone around your work place is easy in the Trakz app, and is a great way of ensuring that if your pooch goes walkabout from the unfamiliar surroundings of your workplace, you’ll always get an instant alert to your mobile phone and you can track them in real-time.

Get your friends and work colleagues to join your finders community– everyone in your finders community can get real-time updates on your dog’s whereabouts straight to their mobile device. If the worst happens, everyone is alerted, and you have the best possible chance of being reunited with your pet.

Just remember, dogs also need a tea-break every now and again.

Trakz, encouraging Safer, Healthier, Happier pets, at home or at work.