Happy MEEEW Year from TRAKZ

Cat yawn
9th January 2017

Exciting times are afoot here at TRAKZ HQ.

2017 will see the TRAKZ collar go from production into retail.

So you ask – it’s January – it’s cold – for some of us it’s dry – and money is tight – so why would I invest in a TRAKZ collar?

Well, the answer is that it is the most advanced collar with a GPS tracking device on the market and you believe your Fur-babies are worth investing in.

Imagine your pet, cold, wet and lost, shivering – darkness falling and not knowing how to find you, nor you them, you call them but they don’t come.

Mrs. Nicola Stedman – describes her experience- 
“Coco loved walking to feed the horses with myself and my children in the field behind our home – as a terrier she always dashed off ahead sniffing out the rabbit holes. The children and I had finished feeding the horses when we noticed she was gone. It was five minutes – in our own field – in what we thought was a safe, enclosed space.

I’ll never know how she got out or where she went. We spent three days digging into the rabbit holes – but nothing. It was autumn and cold, she was just a little scrap of a dog. We always wonder where she is, if she got stuck somewhere or if she got out and lost. She was microchipped but we have never had any news of her being found.

You never forget or stop feeling guilty that you could have done something different- and you always wonder and hope….”

Sadly Nicola is not alone. The Kennel Club in a 2014 report stated that: “Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets, found that 16,122 dogs and 55,038 cats that were reported missing between 2003 to May 2014 that have yet to be reunited with their owner.” 

The RCPCA believes that microchipping your pet gives them the best chance of being identified and returned to you if they become lost or stolen. This is certainly true of stolen pets that are sadly often sold on to new owners. But what of our lost pets, what about Coco and all the 70,000 pets who are not reunited with their owners?

Here at TRAKZ we are offering further, more developed solutions for locating lost pets.

The TRAKZ collar when worn has a GPS signaling device to provide exact location. If lost this can then be sent immediately by mobile phone to alert friends and family and to provide optimum searchers and create awareness your pet has been lost. We also will offer a database of lost pets and your pet will be immediately placed on Facebook and twitter and our own webpage of lost pets in your geographical area. Our ideal is that your pet is located quickly, with the least amount of distress to you or themselves.

Invest in your pet this January.

Stay safe out there! Our new year’s resolution at TRAKZ is to keep your pets SAFER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER.

Happy New Year