Track your pet wherever they are

San Fransisco
20th September 2018

One of the main concerns people have with pet tracking devices is the worry that they’ll only cover a certain area. Lots of devices on the market only work in a specific country or time zone. This is why we’ve ensured Trakz can track your dog or cat where ever they are in the world and indeed where ever you are in the world too. 

So, if you’re on the beach in Spain and your dog is in boarding kennels in the UK you’ll still be able to see exactly where they are and, importantly, be able to see if they are being exercised properly!

Extensive testing

We’re never happy thinking that Trakz will just operate how we expect it to, so we sent our founder Tom out with Trakz on a trip to California, to stress test the tracking device. Here’s how he got on.

“I’ve spent the last week or so travelling to the States and back.

The trip gave me the perfect opportunity to test Trakz global roaming capability on the mobile networks in California. And I must say it passed with flying colours. I became Meg for the trip, an 8-year-old border collie. It was exhausting. San Franciscoers certainly love their animals, and they don’t bat an eyelid when you ask if you can shoot some footage of their dog’s antics or quiz them on the kinds of cash they spend on their pampered pooches.

However, it wasn’t until the end of the trip when I stowed the collar in my suitcase and went off to peruse the duty free that a real alternative use case for the technology became apparent. Sitting overlooking the airport apron waiting for the flight I thought I’d check up on the off-chance to see what data the collar would produce as it moved through the airport.

Despite the indoor location and the electronic interference from multiple sources, the GPS signal and accelerometer data produced amazing results – it meant I could track my suitcase through the luggage carousel, through the terminal building, and out onto the airport apron as it was loaded onto the plane.

Now given the extremely excitable customers we’ve spoken to along our development journey, I know pet owners are crying out for Trakz to hit the market. And given this last round of international testing has passed with flying colours, we’re very close to having the product in customer’s hands.”

You can see that Trakz, not only works well overseas, but manages to cope with loads of interference as well.

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