Trakz – Built for Furry Families

Dogs in a basket
27th November 2018

For some time now, the Trakz tracking collar for cats and dogs has been raising eye brows and furry paws, even before its official launch. With both our activity collar, which is the most advanced GPS cat and dog collar on the market, and the corresponding mobile app, Trakz helps makes lost dogs and cats a thing of the past! 

Allowing you to ensure your furriest best friend is safe and healthy, our app enables pet owners to set a safe-zone for their pet and receive notifications if they should leave the boundary lines. For cats specifically, our app features heatmapping technology, so you can see where your feline friend likes to hide.

And of course, to ensure your treasured pet is healthy and receiving enough exercise, our app enables owners to monitor their activity, the time and distance they’ve travelled and even the routes walked.

This list of features only just scratches the surface of the incredible benefits the Trakz tracking collar and app could afford you and your pet.

We’re blown away by the feedback we’ve received from excited pet owners, and wanted to address a question on many of their lips.

“My family is VERY furry. How can I use Trakz to protect and manage the health of my many pets?”

We’re very pleased to put the number one question on the lips of eager Trakz-fans to rest. For those with their very own little army of feline and canine comrades, the Trakz app can support multiple cats and dogs, each with their own profile.

Those who are mums and dads of large animal families, listen up! While each pet will require their own Trakz collar, you can assign all eight of the allotted app profiles to either a dog or a cat, allowing you to track them and monitor their health and activity, all from your mobile device. 

Perfect right? So, if you and your partner share pet-care duties, and the Trakz app is installed on both of your mobile devices, you can configure the app to allow you both access to the routes your pets have walked, their activity, their location and statistics surrounding their health. 

Kittens in a picnic basket

But the good news doesn’t stop there

Trakz is also the perfect tool for dog walkers! We’ve designed our mobile app to have incredibly versatile functionality, allowing pet owners to maintain a “Primary User” profile, while this same profile (corresponding to one of your furry friends), can be accessed by dog walkers, family and friends.

These extra care-givers are given “Admin Rights”, allowing them to access the same location, activity, and health-based statistics as the pet owners, so everybody can be keeping a watchful eye on the animals you love.

A community of pet finders

We aim to make lost cats and dogs a thing of the past, and that’s where our Finders Community comes into play. Assign contacts to the app’s “Finders Community”, and if your pet leaves the safe-zone you’ve set, these contacts will be notified and given the latest location information on your prized pet so everybody can keep their eyes peeled. 10 eyes are better than two right?

Finally, our technology is safe and secure, so you can rest assured that your furry friend’s location information will never end up in the wrong hands. Love your pet? Choose Trakz, the ultimate pet tracking device and app.